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Our Approach

Our values and operational approach reflect the qualities of an excellent classroom on a global scale: hospitable, generous, results-driven, both structured and creative, and designed to inspire moral leadership. Programs for teachers must reflect the same qualities of individual initiative and collaborative learning we seek in our classrooms.

Jesus Educational & Social Upliftment Society promotes the free and open use of collective wisdom generated by Organisations, Educators, Consultants, Volunteers from every culture to build a better tomorrow for all the lives we touch.

We work from acts of conscience, because that is what we do. We cannot wait for rich benefactors or celebrity endorsements. We focus our efforts on investing in local heroes, children, the leaders of tomorrow. Our members have shown an inexhaustible energy for making a difference, even at enormous personal physical, mental and financial sacrifices.

Our team consists of experts from various fields that enable us to achieve our goal. We provide a host of services like Consulting, Mentoring & Training, School Improvement Initiatives and Franchise options. All the proceeds received from these services and contributions received from individuals and organisations are directly used for bringing a change in the lives of these marginalized children.