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Our Founder

The Jesus Educational & Social Upliftment Society was founded by G. R. George in 2015 in order to tackle the most pressing issue of the time in the backward state of Bihar, Education. He has been an educator for the past 40 years and worked in various parts of India and Nigeria. He has held various teaching and leadership roles with the Nigerian Teaching Service Commission, Aditya Birla Schools, and Church of North India Schools. He has started various schools in Bihar and Jharkand and has brought about extraordinary changes to the schools he was responsible for, overlooking the education of over 9000 children. His personal commitment to the cause of quality education resulted in over 380 % increase in enrollments in the multiple schools headed by him. He has advised foundations, corporations, and education agencies on teacher and school development.

His area of expertise includes creating Non Profit programs designed to build local capacity, educational capabilities, enhance community ownership, educational leadership, cultural inclusion, and ensure rapid systems designed for the reporting of impacts, transparency, local adoption, strategic planning and provide a well placed support structure.


  • G. R. George - Chairman 
  • N. J. George – CEO
  • Elizabeth Omana George - Secretary 
  • Nirmal Jose – Information Technology Director
  • Priyanka K. 

Advisory Council

  • Julia Assimacopoulous – International Trainer 
  • Viju T Varghese – Marketing Head - APAC, Toonz Animation
  • Bettyann Nowak – SEO Expert , Thomson Reuters 
  • Nitish Mathew – CFO, The Fat Elephant
  • Bon Varghese – CEO , Hwy Riders